The Michael Roach band, eight musicians dedicated to the soulful sound
of rhythm and blues.

After eighteen months of rehearsing and writing songs, blues singer/guitarist
Michael Roach teamed up to form a band with keyboardist Danny McCormack
and saxophonist Paul Corry. The result of this collaboration saw the debut
release of 'I Betcha!' in November 2006.

Michael Roach, originally from Washington D.C. and now resident in the UK
for the past thirteen years, is an internationally acclaimed country blues artist.
He is firmly established in traditional music circles. Michael is currently the
Director of the European Blues Association Incorporating the Archive of African American Music, a registered charity based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
He also presented a series called ‘Deep Blue’ on BBC Radio 4 in 2003.

As a featured vocalist on Bernie Marsden’s (former guitar player and songwriter
for the rock band 'Whitesnake') ‘Big Boy Blue’ album in 2002, Michael developed
confidence in his ability to front a band as a singer from the experience of
touring with the ‘who’s who’ of British rock and roll. During the 'American Festival
of the Blues' tour in the United Kingdom in 2003, Michael met the talented
Danny McCormack and Paul Corry. This led to the trio’s pact to rehearse and
write new music throughout the years 2004/05.

In the end, they recorded fourteen tracks with eleven originals and three covers (one by Curtis Mayfield, ‘People Get Ready’, one by Bobby Bland, ‘I Pity the Fool’ and another by Hank Ballard, ‘Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go’). From the southern
soulful sound of ‘I Betcha!’ to the big band sound of ‘Baby No, No, No’, this
album has it all. Above all, the Michael Roach Band is full of energy and is a
true crowd pleaser.

It has been a natural transition for Michael to go from his years as an acoustic
performer to leading a big band, creating the resonance of the music he grew up
with. The album is now available from:


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